PES joins COVER Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit 2020

Debbie Kleiner, Head of Workplace Happiness at PES, will be joining the panel at this year’s COVER Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit to discuss the debilitating effects of burnout – and what employers can do to prevent it.

Join Debbie at the event on Thursday 12 March in London for what promises to be an enlightening discussion. Here’s how the organiser describes it:

‘A recent survey of 140 companies conducted by Dolan Contractor Group found that almost 90% of workers suffer excessive stress. Mental health in the workplace has become a key focus for a large proportion of UK HR departments, however the underlying problem persists. Our ‘always on’ culture means often our work lives bleed into our personal, leading to a blurring of lines and unclear on and off periods. This is a problem that has surely been around for generations, however it seems to have taken centre-stage in recent years, especially in 2019 when occupational burnout was officially classed as a condition by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

In this panel discussion, our expert panellists will assess the common causes of burnout, what can be done to help those in need and how finding time to unplug can be hugely beneficial to our mental health.’

Download our tips for promoting good mental health

Meanwhile, take a look at our tips for promoting good mental health at work. You can download them here.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss your workplace mental health or wellbeing needs – we’d be delighted to help.