New workshop: Are you addicted to your smartphone?

Are you addicted to your phone? If so, our brand new workshop is for you. January is the time for getting healthy, so get in touch if you need a smartphone detox in the new year!

Did you know that in the UK, adults check their phones 33 times per day on average? And we spend up to two hours per day on our phones? It isn’t just teenagers who suffer from smartphone addiction.

Think how much time your employees and colleagues may be losing by the compulsive need to keep checking their phone. Or how much productivity is lost due to phone-related stress! It can’t be good for workplace wellbeing.

As digital wellbeing experts, we help businesses make sure that their smartphones and other digital technology play an enriching and enhancing role at work. We want employers and employees to understand the impact constant connectivity is having, and the positive changes that can be made to improve their their digital wellbeing. The result? A healthy digital workplace culture.

Our session covers the latest research on the impact of screen over-use and the benefits of a digital detox, as well as practical tips and strategies to reduce tech time.

Contact us to book a course or find out more!